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Course e-Reserves and Copyright - Creating Content and Charting Fair Use

In a packed forum last Tuesday, TwTT set out to explore not only the user-friendly process of creating e-reserves, but also the uncharted waters of relevant copyright law. With expert panel members Brad Warren, head of Sterling and Bass Library … Continue reading

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Going the Distance: Planning and Implementing a Synchronous Distance Language Course

Last term at Cornell University a group of five second semester Dutch students attended a language class five times a week that included games, group work, writing on a whiteboard, and conversing one on one with their professor. The hitch? … Continue reading

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Charting Course Capture: One Lecture at a Time

Listening only to a lecture's audio denies the audience the visual cues and presentation elements that make classroom learning unique. Even when video is used it is a challenge to monitor both presenter and presentation content at the same time. … Continue reading

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