Bass Media Equipment Checkout Service

We are unable to accomodate requests for Extended Reservations that take place during the month of April due to the high volume of usage.

Extended Reservation requests must be made a minimum of two business days in advance to ensure equipment availability.  

BMEC FAQ and Policies

In using the Bass Media Equipment Checkout service, you agree to abide by the BMEC Terms of Service, also available on the Reservations application linked below. Failure to abide by these terms will result in fines, restrictions on your Library account, and being banned from the BMEC service.

Once you've read our terms of service, you can log in and create a reservations on our Reservations App

Need help?

Media Techs (MTs) can answer your questions on digital media equipment and post-production software. You can contact MTs at

MTs also staff the Bass Media Lab located directly underneath the Bass Library circulation desk. The Media Lab is equipped with six iMacs containing specialized software: Adobe Creative Suite, Final Cut Pro, and iLife. The MT staffing schedule is available at

Digital Media Teaching Resources

Are you a professor or TA looking for help with assigning digital media projects to your students? Click here for resources and information.


Media Equipment Checkout questions should be sent to


2 Responses to Bass Media Equipment Checkout Service

  1. Roman Pawluk says:


    I was wondering who is invited to LuxTalks. I am a Yale alum recently returned to the area though not officially affiliated with the university I am interested in today's (and future) talks. Maybe the CLC is for students and faculty only.


  2. Una Boyle says:

    Do you have any idea if there's somewhere I could rent easels for holding up signs? Any ideas for where to ask? This came to mind first.